Ensure a More Reliable Customer Experience with Call Center Monitoring Software

Stay Involved and In Control of Call Center Operations

Listen to agents call, record calls, capture screens and perform immediate quality evaluations using a web browser.

Real-Time Customer Service Intelligence

Get quick, easy and meaningful insight into what customers are really thinking and saying.

Increase Agent Attention and Focus

Not knowing when supervisors may be listening to customer interactions keeps agents striving to improve customer satisfaction.

Pinpoint Agent Performance

Gain better insight on how agents interact with customers on a day-by-day basis as opposed to simply reviewing a small sample of randomly collected calls.

Augment Your Quality Assurance Program

Perform quality assurance evaluations; deliver real-time feedback on flag customer interactions for later action(s).

Onboard New Hires Faster

Align new hires with your service level expectations and customer experience vision by providing training on live calls.

Stay Complaint and Reduce Risks

Isolate and address internal policy and industry compliance concerns in real-time.

Identify Training Requirements

Identify training needs and improvement opportunities sooner than later.

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