Offshore Staffing: The Best Way to Save Money

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Our Engagement Models

  • Low costs
  • Perfect outcomes
  • No hidden prices
  • Round-the-clock support
  • Well established data security procedures in place.

Services We Offer

  • Front-End Developers
  • Back-End Developers
  • UI/UX Designers
  • Software Engineers
  • Digital Marketers…………...

We help you set up a development center in Ace Technologies by handpicking a team of full-time, dedicated and expert developers.

Why Choose Ace?

  • Experienced Professionals: - Our people are helping us continually evolve, to meet the demands of our clients and be the champions in the IT sector.

  • Overseas Development Centre: -To fix the problem of technology and data security, we have created our development centers so that the employees can work in secured network.It will also result in accessibility for employer to connect with their employee any time during working hours.

  • Time saving: - Our database of local talent, access to a vast network, and a specialized team of recruiters to quickly source potential candidates to avoid bad hires

  • Team Flexibility: - As experts in building the best offshore development teams for our partners, we’ve learnt a few tips and tricks along the way to handle time zone differences with offshore teams. Now, you can hire Ace’s diverse talent from across the globe without worrying about geographical limitations.

  • Strict NDAs: - We have strict NDAs in place to ensure 100% confidentiality and security of your project.

  • Zero Overheads: - Payroll, taxes, infrastructure costs, and employee benefits – you don’t have to worry about any of that when you hire dedicated professionals with us.

How We Work?

  • Job Postings

  • Managing the response

  • Shortlisting candidates

  • Arranging Interviews

Frequently Asked Questions

What is offshore staff? Where does Ace's offshore staff work from?

Offshore staff is an employee who works for your firm under your management but from a location that is physically out of your office. This could be from anywhere, an employee's home, a coffee shop in a neighborhood, a different city, or even from an overseas location. Ace’s Remote Staff actually works from our remote offshore offices located in other countries.

What are the benefits of offshore staffing?

We can divide it into Short term and Long term benefits. Sometimes firms sign up because of their tax season overflow, that's a short-term benefit. However, offshore staffing is a way forward for your long term. It should be the core strategy of your firm, not just a one-time adventure. Like any of your local staff, a remote staff from Ace Technologies also works under your management and fully reports to you. As they work from remote offshore offices of Ace Technologies, this

  1. Saves your cost and efforts
  2. HR hassles, and several other compliance issues
  3. The firms that are working with us have a 25% partner-in-time reduction and 18% on-shore staff workload reduction.
  4. You can focus more on advisory services

For what work Ace offshore Staff can be hired

When you hire a remote staff you will have to identify the requirements at your end. However, just like any local employee, a remote staff can perform most of the tasks related to:

  1. Front-End Developers
  2. Back-End Developers
  3. UI/UX Designers
  1. Software Engineers
  2. Digital Marketers

Can I hire a whole team?

Yes. But first, you need to identify the requirements which also includes realizing whether you have enough workload to keep the team occupied. We usually recommend taking a baby step and hiring 1 or 2 staff and if the requirement grows you are free to scale up the team size whenever you want.

How does a staff work from a remote location? Do they work from an office or their home?

Our remote staff works from our secure remote offshore offices in India. Our 2 offices are in the city of Noida, and 1 in the city of Gurugram. We follow a strict no work-from-home policy for the safekeeping of client data and information.